iLearn Training Products

These computer-based training and diagnostic products teach vibration analysis, precision maintenance and provide you a helping hand in your day-to-day work.

The Vibration Institute of Australia provides the Mobius Institute’s iLearn™ Training Products.

iLearnVibration™ was Mobius Institute's flagship iLearn™ training product, introduced back in 1999.  Since then, Mobius has expanded its DVD computer-based training product line to include Vibration, Balancing and Alignment. Our interactive Adobe® Flash® simulators and extensive library of 3D animations in all of our training products help to make complex topics easy to understand!

All Mobius Institute iLearn training products utilize our Crystal Clear™ training methodology that allows complex concepts to be more easily understood. Crystal Clear training provides students with a higher level of understanding of concepts and procedures through our great 3D animations, and numerous software simulators.

In addition to our training products, we have excellent diagnostic and reference products that assist you not only in developing your skills, but to help you in your day-to-day analysis work. 

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