Shaft Alignment with John Piotrowski

The only Shaft Alignment Certification (ASA/ANSI) available in the world. 

The shaft alignment legend and master trainer, John Piotrowski, is heading to Australia and New Zealand for a very limited time.  Contact us now to avoid disappointment. 

28  April - 1 May 2020     SYDNEY
5  - 8 May 2020              PERTH
19 - 22 May 2020            TAURANGA, NZ 

Rotating machinery is the heart of many industrial operations, but many engineers and technicians perform shaft alignment by guesswork or with limited knowledge of the tools and methods available to accurately and effectively align their machinery. Two decades ago, John Piotrowski conferred upon the field an unprecedented tool: the first edition of the Shaft Alignment Handbook. Two editions later, this bestselling handbook is still the most trusted and widely embraced guide in the field.